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  • Can I distribute Wynntils with a publicly hosted modpack?

    You can include Wynntils in modpacks. Please be aware that some modifications may be incompatible with Wynntils, such as LabyMod. We also do not recommend including other modifications built specifically for Wynncraft, such as Wynncraft Inventory Management 2 and Wynn Expansion. The full list of incompatible mods is available here under the "breaks" and "conflicts" lists.

  • Where can I download Wynntils?

    You can download builds of Artemis (1.20.2, 1.21) here:

    Deprecated/Unsupported - You can download Legacy (1.12.2) here:

    Both versions are available on these mirrors:
    Modrinth -
    CurseForge -

  • How can I support Wynntils?

    You can support the project by becoming a patron at If you know how to code, you can also contribute by submitting pull requests to our GitHub repository at

  • How can I disable chat tabs?

    Legacy (1.12.2):
    You can disable chat tabs by opening the settings and select 'vanilla' as your preset in the Chat category.

    Artemis (1.20.2, 1.21):
    You can disable chat tabs by disabling the entire chat tab feature.

  • Are there any Wynntils commands?

    Yes there are, you can find out more about then by using '/wynntils help <1/2> in-game.

  • Where can I get a cape in Wynntils?

    You can go onto Wynncraft and use the command: '/wynntils token', then click on the token in your chat and create an account. From there you can upload or choose a cape, elytra wings from our library.

    Manually uploaded capes must be approved by the Wynntils team, so they may take some time to appear after uploading.

  • How do I clear my compass beacon?

    You can execute the command /compass clear to clear your compass location

  • I'm a guild owner, how do I set my guild color on the territory map?

    There are some prerequisites for getting your color, them being:
    - The color you choose MUST BE visible, so avoid black or dark colors
    - You have to be the Guild Owner or a Chief
    - The selected color must not be too similar to an existing color
    - The guild must be capable of taking and holding territories (we do not want to waste colors on inactive guilds)

    You may use this unofficial site to help you choose a color. However, we reserve the right to deny your request even if the site says it's compatible.
    If your guild does apply to the requirements, we are glad to receive your request. To do that go to the #support-bugs-crashes channel in our Discord server and use the Request support button to open a new ticket where you can send the color you want in HEX Format. (#FFF000 for example).

  • Will the possibility to view friends, party and guild members on the map be added to Wynntils?

    This feature is already available in Artemis, the port of Wynntils to 1.20.2. It will not be added to Legacy (1.12.2).

  • What are all of the variables for the info overlay?

    ! IMPORTANT - To use these variables on 1.20.2, please replace all %% with {} !
    - %bps% - Blocks per second
    - %bpm% - Blocks per minute
    - %kmph% - Kilometers per hour
    - %x% - X Coordinate
    - %y% - Y Coordinate
    - %z% - Z Coordinate
    - %dir% - The facing direction
    - %fps% - Frames per second
    - %world% - The current world/server
    - %ping% - The current ping
    - %clock% - The current time
    - %clockm% - The current time (24h)
    - %mana% - Current mana
    - %mana_max% - Max mana
    - %health% - Current health
    - %health_max% - Max health
    - %health_pct% - Current health percentage
    - %xp% - Current XP (Formatted)
    - %xp_raw% - Current XP (Raw)
    - %xp_req% - Required XP to level up (Formatted)
    - %xp_req_raw% - Required XP to level up (Raw)
    - %xp_pct% - Percentage of XP through the current level
    - %pouch% - Current number of items in ingredient pouch)
    - %pouch_free% - Number of free slots in the ingredient pouch
    - %pouch_slots% - Number of used slots in the ingredient pouch
    - %inv_free% - Number of free slots in the inventory
    - %inv_slots% - Number of used slots in the inventory
    - %location% - Current location
    - %level% - Current level
    - %territory_owner% - Current guild that owns current territory
    - %territory_owner_prefix% - Current guild that owns territory's prefix
    - %beacon_distance% - Distance from compass beacon
    - %sp_timer% - Time until next soul point (Formatted)
    - %sp_timer_m% - Time until next soul point (Minutes only)
    - %sp_timer_s% - Time until next soul point (Seconds only)
    - %sp% - Current soul points
    - %sp_max% - Max soul points
    - %money% - Total amount of money in inventory (Raw emerald count)
    - %money_desc% - Total amount of money in inventory (as formatted string)
    - %le% - Amount of full liquid emeralds in the inventory
    - %eb% - Amount of full emerald blocks in the inventory (excluding LE count)
    - %e% - Amount of emeralds in the inventory (excluding LE and EB count)
    - %class% - "Current class (Capitalization dependent)"
    - %mem_max% - Total allocated memory
    - %mem_used% - Total used memory
    - %mem_pct% - Percentage of memory used
    - %horse_level% - Current horse level
    - %horse_level_max% - Max horse level
    - %horse_time_estimate% - Estimated time (in minutes) from current horse level to next horse level
    - %horse_xp% - Current horse XP
    - %horse_tier% - Current horse tier
    - %potions_health_charges% - Number of health potion charges
    - %potions_health_max% - Number of maximum health potion charges
    - %potions_health_combined% - Number of health potion charges out of the maximum potion charges
    - %potions_mana% - Amount of mana potions in inventory
    - %party_count% - Amount of members in the players party
    - %party_owner% - Owner of the current party
    - %unprocessed% - Current amount of unprocessed materials
    - %unprocessed_max% - Max amount of unprocessed materials
    - %adps% - Current area damage per second
    - %dry_streak% - Number of opened chests since last mythic finding in chest.
    - %dry_boxes% - Number of item boxes found since last mythic finding in chest.
    - %xpm_raw% - Current XP per Minute (Raw)
    - %xpm% - Current XP per Minute (Formatted)
    - %xppm% - Current XP Percent per Minute
    - %kpm_raw% - Kills per Minute (Raw)
    - %kpm% - Kills per Minute (Formatted)
    - %elemental_special% - Current elemental special %
    - %uptime_h% - Uptime of your current server in hours
    - %uptime_m% - Uptime of your current server in minutes

  • What are all the variables for the experience overlay?

    ! IMPORTANT - These variables only work on 1.12.2 !
    These are all current supported variables for the experience overlay:
    - %actual% - Current amount of EXP.
    - %max% - Maximum EXP needed to level up.
    - %percent% - Percentage of the progress towards level up.
    - %needed% - Maximum minus current EXP.
    - %actualg% - %actual% but grouped (e.g. 1,000,000)
    - %maxg% - %max% but grouped.
    - %neededg% - %needed% but grouped.
    - %curlvl% - current level.
    - %nextlvl%- next level

  • What are all the variables for the game ticker?

    ! IMPORTANT - These variables only work on 1.12.2 !
    These are all current supported variables for the game ticker:
    - %xo% - Old EXP amount.
    - %xn% - Current EXP amount.
    - %xc% - Change in EXP amount.
    - %po% - Old Percentage.
    - %pn% - Current Percentage.
    - %pc% - Change in percentage

  • Why are some map icons located in incorrect places?

    Wynntils' map relies on the data the Wynncraft API provides. Because the API is not updated to the current in-game map, Wynntils will also display inaccurate locations. Unfortunately, there is nothing the developers can do but to wait for the official API to be updated.

  • Does Wynntils have plans to update to newer versions of Minecraft?

    We currently support 1.12.2 (Legacy) and 1.20.2/1.21 (Artemis). Older versions of Artemis (such as 1.18.2, 1.19.3, 1.19.4) are not supported.

  • How do I use lootruns?

    Once you have downloaded a specific lootrun, do /lootrun folder in-game to open the correct folder to put the lootruns in. Then do /lootrun load to start the lootrun. Once the lootrun is done, do /lootrun stop to stop the lootrun. To find a list of the lootrun you have, do /lootrun load.

  • My (mini-)map is not showing, what do I do?

    First you have to ask yourself the question if you are off-map or not. If you are, then this is intended behaviour. If you are not, then you have to follow the instructions below.

    1. Close your game
    2. Go to your .minecraft/wynntils/<uuid>/map folder and make sure main-map.png is there and is a full image.
    3. If it is not a full image, download the map from this link
    4. Once the FULL image is done downloading, place it in the map folder with the name main-map.png
    5. Start your game back up

    If you have followed all the instructions correctly, then the issue should be resolved!
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