Frequently asked questions.

Here you can see the most frequently asked questions being answered!

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in our Discord Server!

  • Is it allowed to add Wynntils to modpacks?

    Yes, it is allowed to put Wynntils in your modpacks. However there are a few mods like Labymod that are incompatible with Wynntils. We also do not recommend using other Wynncraft utilities mods like Wynn Inventory Manager or Wynnexpansion.

  • Where can I download Wynntils?

    You can download Wynntils from CurseForge or here.

  • Is Wynntils bannable?

    No it's not, if you did get banned for using Wynntils you can appeal your ban on the official Wynncraft forum.

  • Is Wynntils made/maintained/endorsed by Wynncraft?

    No, Wynntils is created and mainted by some eager Wynncraft fans.

  • Are player/dropped items highlights going to be added to Wynntils?

    Never, Wynncraft does not allow for any form of X-ray or anything that gives major advantages to a certain player.

  • Where can I report bugs/crashes?

    You can report bugs and crashes in the appropriate channels on our discord server.

  • How can I support Wynntils?

    You can become one of our patrons.

  • How do I disable my chat tabs?

    You can disable the chat tabs by going into the Wynntils' settings (Default key: P), and then under Chat select 'vanilla' as your preset.

  • Are there any Wynntils commands?

    Yes there are, you can find out more about then by using '/wynntils help <1/2> in-game.

  • Where can I get a cape in Wynntils?

    You can go onto Wynncraft and use the command: '/token', then click on the token in your chat and create an account. From there you can upload or choose a cape, elytra wings from our library.

  • Will the developers add 'Bomb Tracking' to Wynntils?

    No, we don't have any plans to add something like that. It is considered as a bannable offense.

  • How do I clear my compass beacon?

    You can execute the command /compass clear to clear your compass location

  • I'm a guild owner, how do I set my guild color on the territory map?

    There's some prequisites for getting your color, them being:
    - Your guild is controlling at least 2 territories (claimed territories, no disputed or FFA),
    - Your guild must be level 30 or higher,
    - The color you choose MUST BE visible, so avoid black or dark colors,
    - You have to be the Guild Owner;
    If your guild does apply to the requirements, we are glad to receive your request. To do that go to the #bot-commands in our Discord server and use -new Guild Color Request to open a new ticket where you can send the color you want in HEX Format. (#FFF000 for example).

  • Will the possibility to view friends, party and guild members on the map be added to Wynntils?

    Yes, we're planning to implement it. Yes, it was already in CE for a short while. However, we decided to remove it as a better solution is possible (for both better performance and file size).

  • What are all the variables for the info overlay?

    These are all current supported variables for the info overlay:
     - %bps% - Blocks per second
     - %kmph% - How fast you are going in 1000 blocks/h
     - %x%- X coordinate
     - %y% - Y coordinate
     - %z% - Z coordinate
     - %dir% - The facing cardinal directions (N/S/E/W)
     - %fps% - Frames per second
     - %world% - Current world/server number
     - %ping% - The ping time to the server
     - %clock% - Current time, formatted in current locale style
     - %mem_max% - Maximum allocated memory
     - %mem_used% - Current used memory
     - %mem_pct% - Current used memory percentage
     - %mana% - Current mana
     - %mana_max% - Maximum mana
     - %health% - Current Health
     - %health_max% - Maximum health
     - %xp% - Current XP (formatted)
     - %xp_raw% - Current XP (raw)
     - %xp_req% - XP required to level up (formatted)
     - %xp_req_raw% - XP required to level up (raw)
     - %xp_pct% - Percentage XP to next level
     - %lvl% - Current Level
     - %h_xp% - Horse XP
     - %h_lvl% - Horse Level
     - %h_mlvl% - Maximum horse level
     - %h_tier% - Horse Tier
     - %class% - Current class
     - %pouch% - Number of items in the ingredient pouch
     - %pouch_free% - Number of free slots in the ingredient pouch
     - %pouch_slots% - Number of used slots in the ingredient pouch
     - %inv_free% - Number of free slots in the inventory
     - %inv_slots% - Number of used slots in the inventory
     - %unprocessed% - Current amount of unprocessed materials
     - %unprocessed_max% - Maximum amount of unprocessed materials
     - %loc% - Current location (town)
     - %sp_timer% - Time until next soul point (formatted)
     - %sp_timer_m% - Minutes until next soul point (formatted)
     - %sp% - Current soul points
     - %sp_max% - Maximum soul points
     - %money% - Total money in inventory
     - %money_desc% - Total money in inventory, formatted as LE, blocks and emeralds
     - %le% - Count of full LE in inventory
     - %eb% - Count of full EB in inventory
     - %e% - Count of full E in inventory
     - %hp_pot% - Count of health potions
     - %mp_pot% - Count of mana potions
     - %party_count% - Number of players in the party
     - %party_owner% - Owner of players party

  • What are all the variables for the experience overlay?

    These are all current supported variables for the experience overlay:
    - %actual% - Current amount of EXP.
    - %max% - Maximum EXP needed to level up.
    - %percent% - Percentage of the progress towards level up.
    - %needed% - Maximum minus current EXP.
    - %actualg% - %actual% but grouped (e.g. 1,000,000)
    - %maxg% - %max% but grouped.
    - %neededg% - %needed% but grouped.
    - %curlvl% - current level.
    - %nextlvl%- next level

  • What are all the variables for the game ticker?

    These are all current supported variables for the game ticker:
    - %xo% - Old EXP amount.
    - %xn% - Current EXP amount.
    - %xc% - Change in EXP amount.
    - %po% - Old Percentage.
    - %pn% - Current Percentage.
    - %pc% - Change in percentage

  • I want to use the new Cutting Edge features, how do I do this?

    You can change your release stream by going into the mod settings (default key: P) and look in the Core category.

  • Why are some map icons located in incorrect places?

    Wynntils' map relies on the data the Wynncraft API provides. Because the API is not updated to the current in-game map, Wynntils will also display inaccurate locations. Unfortunately, there is nothing the developers can do but to wait for the official API to be updated.

  • Does Wynntils have plans to update to newer versions of Minecraft?

    No, we currently do not have any plans to update to a newer version of Minecraft. If Wynncraft does not support 1.12 anymore or if a newer version is more stable to play on, then we will update the mod to that version of Minecraft.

  • How do I use lootruns?

    Once you have downloaded a specific lootrun, do /lootrun folder in-game to open the correct folder to put the lootruns in. Then do /lootrun load to start the lootrun. Once the lootrun is done, do /lootrun stop to stop the lootrun.