Q: Where can I download Wynntils

A: You can download Wynntils from curseforge or here

Q: Is Wynntils bannable?

A: No it's not, if you did get banned for using Wynntils you can appeal your ban on the Wynncraft forum or messege jpresent on Discord.

Q: Is Wynntils made/maintained/endorsed by Wynncraft?

A: No... Wynntils is created and maintained by some eager Wynncraft fans.

Q: When will player/dropped item highlights be added to Wynntils?

A: Never, Wynncraft does not allow for any form of X-ray or anything that gives a major advantages to certain player.

Q: Where can I report bugs/crashes?

A: You can report bugs and crashes in the appropiate channels on our discord.

Q: How can I support Wynntils?

A: You can become our patron.

Q: How do I disable my chat tabs?

A: You can disable the chat tabs by going into Wynntils' settings (Default key:'P'), and, then under Chat select "vanilla" as your preset.

Q: Are there any Wynntils commands?

A: Yes there are, you can find out more about them by using "/wynntils help" in-game.

Q: Wait, what? I can get a cape in Wynntils?

A: Yes you can, go onto Wynncraft and use the command: "/token" - then click on the token in your chat and create an account. From there you upload a cape, elytra wings or deadmaus ears.